True Tube™ Composite Torque Tubes

True-Tube composite tubes are high-strength, lightweight torque tubes for long span drive shafts. These tubes are filament wound carbon or glass fiber construction in an oven cured epoxy matrix. True-Tube composites offer the following advantages over steel tubing.



TrueTube composite tubes have a higher stiffness to weight ratio than steel tubing. That increases the critical speed of the tubing and allows longer spans without center bearings.


TrueTube drive shafts weigh up to 80% less than equivalent steel driveshafts. That means better balance and reduced vibration. Bearing life may be improved by minimizing overhung weight.


TrueTube composite tubes may be custom designed to meet your requirements for torsional stiffness, critical speed or torque capacity. With TrueTube, a designer can tune torsional or lateral critical speeds out of a machine system.


All TrueTube products include an ultraviolet barrier that is wound into the structure of the tube before it is cured. This UV barrier eliminates the need for paints or other protective coatings and results in a smooth, durable finish that other composite tubes don’t offer. TrueTube products are cured in an enclosed oven to assure consistent strength and quality. Design data is shown below for standard series tubes. Standard series tubes are designed for maximum length at moderate torques. High torque designs are also available.

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