Johnson Power provides you access to the largest most comprehensive line of industrial universal joints anywhere in the world.

Johnson Power’s highly efficient, torque transmitting universal joint drive shafts provide ease of installation and maintenance and will deliver years of service. With length spanning capabilities from a few inches to over fifty feet (in multiple sections) and torque transmission up to 12 million foot-pounds, universal joints are the wisest choice for transmitting torque through an angle.

Johnson Power will design the right universal joint drive shaft for your application based on your specific requirements and can offer special design features to combat even the most rugged installation.


Unique design features include:
  • Special Grease
  • 4-Point Lubrication
  • Nickel Plating
  • Special Seals
  • Custom Painting
  • Quick Disconnects
  • Precision Computerized Dynamic Balancing
  • Customized Flange Connections and more

With our extensive inventory and comprehensive line of universal joints, we can quickly provide the proper equipment for your unique application.



Pump Applications

Paper Mills

Steel Mills

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